We are a full-service architecture and multidisciplinary design practice based in Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects as well as furniture and product design.

We believe each project is a journey with our clients, from initial contact to final occupancy. Our designs emerge through a rigorous design process, involving client collaboration as well as environmental circumstances. The process itself yields solutions that are thoughtful, elegant, and exciting.

Our design philosophy merges a timeless, understated esthetic with functional elegance, prioritizing each client’s unique requirements. Informed by the rich history of modernism and subsequent design currents, we approach each project with subtle novelty while maintaining a commitment to timelessness and resisting fleeting trends. This ethos shines through when overseeing all aspects of a space’s design. Our unwavering dedication to these principles is evident in the cohesive aesthetic across our portfolio of fresh yet enduring work.