Studio SFW is a New York based architecture and interior design firm, co-founded by Erin Fearins and Ward Welch, formerly of Fearins Welch Interior Design, and Rachael Stollar, a NY architect and artist with a background in photography and marketing. A design trio with decidedly southern roots, SFW bring over a decade of collaboration together, with an approach that imbues lived-in luxury to interiors and lifestyle projects.

At ease establishing a narrative that carries through interior, exterior and surrounding landscape - SFW takes a discerning approach to creating spaces that are tailored, expertly layered and alluring.

Having renovated homes in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, CT, NJ and the Hudson Valley for the better part of two decades, SFW thrives on the details - from the overall aesthetic down to the most tactile moments of a space - we offer a hands on approach to implementing design.



(865) 776-6636


350 E 54th Street, Studio 2A
New York, NY 10022