Havard Cooper Architect is a renowned, client-focused multidisciplinary architecture and interior design studio based in Brooklyn. With over 15 years of combined experience, our team specializes in crafting personalized residential sanctuaries through meticulous renovations and new construction projects across New York City, the Hamptons, Hudson Valley and beyond.
Our approach thoughtfully balances preservation with innovation - keeping the character of existing spaces while seamlessly integrating modern updates. For historic properties and landmarks, we expertly revive buildings with a deep appreciation for their roots and visual harmony. Ground-up projects emerge as a harmonious extension of the surrounding landscape through intentional materiality.

Havard Cooper's mission is to provide an unparalleled design experience that prioritizes longevity, functionality and a nurturing environment. Our remarkable, one-of-a-kind spaces have earned acclaim in Architectural Digest, Galerie, Interior Design and Hospitality Design through a radical commitment to creative problem-solving and client needs.

Every decision we make considers the broader human and environmental impact - envisioning spaces that elevate lives while upholding sustainability. With a reputation for innovative yet timeless designs, Havard Cooper translates your vision into an extraordinary living experience.




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